Hairy Gibbs

I’ve had a bit of a ‘hairy Gibbs’ session while watching old episodes of NCIS. The first four in the fourth series have our squeaky clean ex-marine covered in facial hair. I’ve always had a liking for the stuff, so while other fans squealed with shock over the beard (two episodes) and the moustache (the next two episodes), I sat back and enjoyed the view.

I’m less sure about the rather abominable shirts he wore while still officially ‘retired’, and don’t get me started on the shorts in episode one. Nice to see him carpentering away, though. As an ex-roofer Mark Harmon must have felt right at home on the roof of Mike Franks’s cottage.

Daughter always enjoys the sight of Gibbs and Fornell drinking from a child’s drinks carton with straws. It’s cute, but doesn’t make sense.

Personally I have a special liking for episode four. Might be because McGee gets to search through a lot of vomit all over town. It’s got Mike Franks in it, which is usually nice, but I could do without Gibbs speaking Russian. Or maybe it’s my past experience of counting money for a living, that has me fascinated by all those tumbling coins?

Gibbs 4/4

It’s time to ask for some more facial hair, I think.

(Photo © CBS)


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