A new mug

Every time I turn up in my ‘other’ kitchen, I’m struck by how nice the mugs I have here are. Not that most of my mugs aren’t good in many ways, but the shape of these locally made mugs is perfect. There is a ceramics shop in the next village along the coast, where Helmut Witt sits all winter making lovely things to sell in the summer.

We got a set of mugs a few years ago, complete with our names painted on them. They look relatively small, but are more generous than you’d think. That’s for the same reason that I like them so much. The shape narrows at the top, which not only prevents me from sloshing tea all over the place, but also keeps it warmer longer.

The handles are comfortable to hold, so the design has obviously had a lot of thought put into it. I’d imagined that the drawback would be that they weren’t dishwasher safe. Turns out Helmut reckons they are safer in the dishwasher, because you knock things when you wash up by hand.

I went back to the shop this week to order a personalised mug for a gift. A few years ago we gave the piano teacher one, and I think she was more than surprised to have a personalised mug, considering that her Chinese name won’t appear in most commercial ranges. This time we’re going for another type of personalisation.

Can’t say what, as then it would be no surprise.

Bench, Steninge

(The bench before I sat down, which is why you can’t see the witch.)

An added bonus is that Steninge is a lovely place to visit, and even though it was a little cold and grey when I went, I sat down by the sea to commune with the wilting beach boys. (Thrift, to you.)


Thrift, Steninge

(The little pink ‘boys’.)


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