To Trek or not to Trek

I have a dreadful confession to make. I have watched all of two episodes of Star Trek. And I loved them.

Back in the dark ages, 39 years ago, we had no Star Trek in Sweden. When the young witch visited her Penpal in Surrey for a couple of weeks, she got to watch An Awful Lot Of Television. Penpal and her siblings practically lived in front of the box. So, I was introduced a to a few new television series. Hence the two episodes of Star Trek followed by no more.

Space and excitement and beautiful people. What’s not to like? And I have very belatedly worked out why Spock was my favourite. He is an autistic dream. And Leonard Nimoy is very nice.

Why I never began a complete Trek through all those episodes once I was in England I will never know. Maybe I thought I was too grown up for space and things.

Had to go and see the new Star Trek film, though. Made me wonder why Daughter was not already a fully fledged trekkie. Very, very nice to see old Spock again. The young Spock was excellent, but he is no Leonard Nimoy.

Here I have to admit to being a little confused, because I have Galaxy Quest at the back of my mind. I was never a fan of  Captain Kirk. I somehow thought nobody was, but that must be wrong, since the new film seems to be a vehicle for Kirk. It was good to see what went before, but I still don’t like Kirk.

Daughter and I laughed very loudly over the NCIS style lift scene, which was perhaps not so nice, as it was actually a little sad. And we loved Bruce Greenwood.

The time could be ripe for a new addiction?.


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