That’s odd

Slight sense of confused déjà vu here. A week ago I recorded Night At The Museum, when it was on television. Daughter and I watched it with dinner last night. (Yes, I know you think we only ever eat and watch.) So I definitely know it was on. Then I read today’s programme, and it seems it’s on again. Same channel, same film. Can’t have enough of a … thing.

I’m cynical enough to feel it was on at all, in order to boost interest in the sequel currently in the cinema. So is the sequel doing really badly and needs even more help? Is it advertising? According to the Guardian review of the sequel, it’s a very bad film. According to the Guardian television guide, the sequel is much better. I know where I stand, then.

It wasn’t a great film, but it was quite enjoyable, if predictable. But I had this deep thought afterwards, that it’s OK with fun and fluff. My life may not have been enriched by last night’s dinner entertainment, but neither did it feel like a chore to sit through.

Maybe the historical aspect of the museum will tempt a child somewhere to take an interest in history, which I understand is a failing school subject. Daughter was fairly taken with the Mummy, though not her own, obviously. Ben Stiller is a reliable kind of actor, except I rather went off him in Dodgeball the other week.


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