We didn’t see John Barrowman this time

With iTunes on shuffle it takes a while before any given track comes round when there are four thousand of them to choose from. So I’ll take it as a good sign that Tuesday evening’s blog session at the kitchen table (rather than from the Bridgewater Hall) offered up John Barrowman with my own favourite of his songs, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

John Barrowman Manchester 2008

To be honest, I’m not a big fan, but when you live with one, then you automatically pick things up. And that song is one picked-up thing.

I should be grateful to be alive, since I didn’t buy tickets for Tuesday’s concert on the basis that I wasn’t going to be in the country this week (except I am). Some sort of amends will have to be thought up.

When’s the next concert tour?

4 responses to “We didn’t see John Barrowman this time

  1. It won’t be until next year!!!!!!!!!! And I am VERY VERY VERY annoyed!

  2. BUT “Daughter” did you hear that he’s in the London West End production of “La Cage aux Folles” at the Playhouse Theatre from 14 September until 28 November, 2009, except for 20 November? He will be playing Albin/Zaza. Tickets are pricey and going fast.

    Ticket Prices
    £54.00, £39.50 Stalls:
    £54.00, £39.50 Dress Circle:
    £29.50, £17.50 Upper Circle:
    £54.00, £39.50 Boxes:
    £58.50 Cabaret Tables:
    £56.50 Premium Seats:

    I believe the matinee price (second number) is a bit less expensive.

    Send your mom here to the theatre online ticket office –


    Remember though that John plays a gay man named Albin who is in a long term relationship with Georges a nightclub owner. John will be “in drag” wearing women’s clothes through most of the show. If you prefer to see him as Captain Jack, this is not the show for you.

  3. Wooo, that’s expensive to see him in a dress!

  4. Unfortunately, these are typical London West End theatre prices; and John Barrowman is one of the more enduring and popular leading men in musical theatre in the UK. His run as Albin/Zaza is only for a short two months or so, as it’s just been announced that his BBC series Torchwood has been renewed for season four. He’ll be back to filming in Cardiff, Wales soon after his Panto obligation in Cardiff is done at the end of January, 2010. JB is a busy, popular, and highly booked celebrity now.

    There is the option of getting enough people together (> 20 people) to obtain a group rate of 29-30 GBP, if you feel up to organizing a field trip to see John Barrowman.

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