For angels and witches

After my attempt at being posh over tea last week, it’s high time to lower the tone in these parts. I shouldn’t advertise, since I receive money from nobody, but in general terms I find I quite like the ‘baking’ of Mr K (he who has a literary surname). And I’m a snob who prefers home baking.

Speaking of which, I remember giving Bryanston Boy afternoon tea many years ago. I had recently arrived in this country, and was able to offer BB tea ‘at home’, rather than meeting in a café as we’d done for years. So I did what any normal girl would do, and made a cake. ‘This is very nice Madeira’, said BB, smacking his lips and eating several slices. ‘Did you get it from Marks & Spencer?’ Just before hitting him over the head with something hard, I realised it was a compliment. ‘You don’t get better than M&S cake’, and his imagination didn’t reach further than buying it.

Where was I? Oh, yes, snobs and Mr K. Son came back one day with lots of sweet things he had bought. One of which was a packet of Angel Slices, which I had never tried, on account of the pink icing and the violently pink and yellow sponge cake underneath.

Then one day I had a sudden sweet craving, and the Angel Slices were closest, so to speak. Wonderful! It wasn’t quite the nicest cake I’ve ever eaten, but it was a pleasant surprise. I will be eating those again.

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