Aliyah, end of another NCIS season


After all that build-up of how NCIS was going to end, it fell a little bit flat, I think. Unless something drastic was going to take place, it could only end one way, and it did. DiNozzo continued to be less of a buffoon, which is good.  

DiNozzo down

Still some uncertainty as to whether the good Director Vance is good or bad, or possibly just human and a little of both.

For the first time ever, almost, Gibbs seemed a little lost, and the script writers tweaking the meaning of things that happened years ago, to suit more recent developments, seemed a little far fetched.

Bourbon and basement

As season finale cliffhangers go, this was a minor one. But it will do to make us speculate over the summer.

(Photos © CBS)

3 responses to “Aliyah, end of another NCIS season

  1. One of the things that sets this series apart from the others, which I no longer watch, is the suspense. These writers are hard to second guess. No matter how confusing it gets it all seems to come out making perfect sense. I am sure season 7 will be the same. I cant wait.
    I do hope they go back to the one case, one show format soon though.

  2. I appreciate the way a two-parter can allow the plot to be more complex. Sometimes. And I’d like to know before I start watching that I won’t be satisfied at the end of it.

    Interesting that they broadcast the end of season 5 with a double episode all at once, whereas in the UK they split it between two weeks. Enough to make you go mad. Slowly.

  3. You are right. Some situations need more development time than others. I dont think any other crime show has supporting actors any where near as good as NCIS. It is a pleasure to see them in more than one hour.

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