Synecdoche, New York

I’m pleased the press pack mentioned the word quadrupleganger. That’s what this rather unusual film amounts to. You know, the kind of magazine cover image where there is a picture of the magazine cover with a picture of the magazine cover….

Synecdoche is such a seriously weird film, that the weirdness makes it almost fun to watch. I didn’t understand it. But it’s sort of about life and being afraid of breaking relationships and serious illness. There are a lot of bodily fluids and quite a number of funerals.

Basically you have this theatre director who builds a mock-up of bits of New York in a warehouse, and has actors pretend to be him and his family and friends, and then you need someone to pretend to be the ones pretending, and so on. As his life falls to pieces, more and more actors are incorporated into the warehouse set-up.

But why was the house on fire?

You could analyse Synecdoche forever, but only if you go and see it first. Very surreal.


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