NCIS – the plot thickens, again


There was that woman from Hustle, which I don’t watch. But she sort of fits in with the ties between NCIS and The Man From U.N.C.L.E., with Robert Vaughn somewhere in the middle. Then we had satnav and jam jars. I know he’s really the Secretary of the Navy, but it sounds like satnav when they say it. Just imagine feeding him Bourbon from a jam jar. Unpretentious is what it is.

Michael and Ziva

The half dead colleague from the spin-off is not yet dead, but interest is being kept up.

Di Nozzo and Michael

And then we have poor Ziva and her beau/non-beau. And what may turn into  major international incident. Or not, if Gibbs works hard. On the other hand, the next episode of NCIS is the last for now, and we need to be left gasping.


(Photos © CBS)


7 responses to “NCIS – the plot thickens, again

  1. If the producer/writers keep killing off a main character at the end of every season we will soon run out of stars. Vance needs to take time off so fans can get over the fact that his first appearance showed him as pretty much of a jerk.
    NCIS is the only crime show I am watching now since the others got so crazy. Dont let this great show go the way of the others. As far as I am concerned there are only three stars that this show cannot go on without. Pauley, Michael and David. Keep them and you still have a show.

  2. You’d be fine without Gibbs? I’d find it hard without McGee, too.

  3. I wouldnt like to see any of them go, but as the show continues from season to season it would not be surprising to see some actors wanting to move on. I dont think Pauley, Michael or David could be easily replaced and they would probably be able to work new characters in better than the other actors. Hopefully they will all stick around for at least next season. Tony needs Sean for a foil and I dont think Abby could survive without Ducky and Gibbs. Ziva seems to be able to connect with everyone on different levels. I have to agree with Harmon. They are the best ensemble group I have ever seen on TV. It would be a shame to break them up.

  4. Well, I don’t expect anyone wants to break them up. A little temporary excitement can’t be worth letting any golden geese disappear, but you can never script against illness or someone simply wishing to leave.

    Whenever I watch any of the older episodes these days I find that I like them less than I used to, and wonder if it’s because the chemistry is yet to be there in full force.

  5. I think the old chemistry is suffering now because the cases are getting to be more serious.
    It is hard to work in the sibling rivalry when they are working on a case that is intense like the last few have been. Hopefully when Ziva is rescued and returns they will loosen up a bit. Bellasario said he wanted the series to be fun, but it hasnt been fun the last few episodes. It is still the only network show I still watch. Also on Mondays on
    ION. Also it is time for Tony and Tim to grow up a little. Of course our hope is that noone goes anywhere.

  6. What’s good is the mix, though. It’d be a bit too light if it was only toddler behaviour, and too heavy if all we had was stuff like the last few episodes.

    McGee will grow up. He just needs to get older. Tony is old enough, but doesn’t act it, so he just needs to mature more evenly. But a little silliness is fun.

    Even Gibbs varies a lot more than you’d think. He can be quite soft and fun, very rarely, and then he bites unexpectedly.

  7. I am just hoping that given the way the season ended that none of them vary too much either
    direction from their original personalities. We do love the fun that goes on in between cases.
    I agree with your observation on Gibbs. I think Harmon has him down pat. It is the mix that makes it so difficult to imagine the show without even one of the group. They are perfect together just the say they are. Just like family.

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