NCIS – Legend

Lonely Tony

Not sure what I think of spin-offs in general, and less sure what I thought of the new NCIS spin-off. Perhaps when it’s ‘spinning off’ from something you know and love, it’s harder to take in the new stuff, and to like it. Be interesting to know if they will blend with each other ever again.

The new Gibbs?

Legend part 1 was OK. The NCIS aspect was fine, but it will take a while to grasp what the new gang in Los Angeles are up to. There is a female ‘Gibbs’ with a past, with Gibbs. There is a very tall psychologist, and various under-cover agents.

The new team

They have so many electronic toys to play with that poor McGee is mentally re-writing his list for Christmas. Daddy Gibbs looked a little impatient with him. Washington probably doesn’t have the budget. Well, who does? California, obviously.

A new Ari?

As promised Tony has started digging into Ziva’s past, and it does not look good. Something bad and upsetting will happen. Question is what. The spoilers on Special Ops suggest bad, bad. Do we have another Ari situation, or not?


As it was part 1, we finished off hanging from a cliff, metaphorically speaking. Just getting used to that, I suspect, before the end of series six in a few weeks’ time. More cliffhanging on the way, to take care of summer for us.

(Photos  © CBS)

2 responses to “NCIS – Legend

  1. Another Anne

    What I really want to know is … will anyone from the main cast be leaving to join them?

    I initially got my CSIs mixed up and thought, ‘Louise Lombard? Not that awful woman with the whiny voice?’ No, that’s Emily Proctor in Miami. Louise is the cool police girl in Vegas (and she’s British!).

    Still too busy archiving things to DVD to have got caught up with much watching …

  2. Not good enough! You must catch up, so we can have a meaningful conversation.

    I don’t think anyone will switch series. Hope not. But I do suspect the worst for the end of series six. The hints are bad enough.

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