More pizza

You’ll now be under the impression I do nothing but eat. And pizza at that. I hardly ever eat pizza, unless I’m in Sweden, but the Resident IT Consultant did whisk me off to Pizza Hut this week. Son came too, without being invited. Just joking, you were very welcome. Daughter was at school, so couldn’t gatecrash. 

When Offspring were tiny, we practically lived at the local Pizza Hut, because that’s what you do when you have small children. Treats, parties, everything happens there. But I went off them quite a bit, and Offspring matured and we have eaten elsewhere for years. The pizzas got boring and the service worsened, and I won’t mention the ice cream factory here. Too unhygienic even to think about.

But then at Christmas we had cause to visit a new branch near us, and it was surprisingly good. Nice looking, clean premises, pleasant staff and a revamped menu that offered several nice things to eat. I was even able to order the dessert with chocolate sauce without the chocolate sauce, and that can be harder than it sounds.

So this week it was no hardship to go back to the same branch for more pizza. It was still as good. The only change was that the infrared heaters had disappeared, and sunshine warmed us instead. The dessert with/without chocolate sauce was off, unfortunately, but I was able to order something else with strawberry sauce without strawberry sauce. So that was tasty, too.


2 responses to “More pizza

  1. If I had children, I would urge them: ‘Eat up all your pizza, otherwise you’ll grow up to look like Gillian McKeith.’

  2. ‘Thankfully’ (?) we don’t…

    To be on the safe side I used to carry round my own ‘doggy bags’ for un-eaten pizza, as the child who forgot to eat when food was served, usually felt very hungry half an hour later.

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