For reasons better not divulged here, we visited Pizza Express twice in three days last week. Greedy, I know. And not entirely pleasurable, either.

We, means Daughter and witch, in this case. We are easy to please, and Pizza Express can be a reliable place to feed, in a chain restaurant kind of way. Visiting two different ones in quick succession brings home how varied a chain can be. First PE was pretty good, and the second one wasn’t really. The more obscure the position of the restaurant, the better it seems to get. Small town is better than large city, generally.

Daughter ate the same meal twice, except of course it wasn’t the same. It’s reassuring that PE don’t get batches of standardised dishes from some central kitchen. On the other hand, you’re at the mercy of whoever put the meal together at the restaurant.

I decided to be very bold and try something new the second time. Don’t think I’ll bother with boldness again anytime soon. Tried the ‘fancy’ pizza brand, Theo something or other, with prawns. Expensive, and utter rubbish. It was easily the most tasteless pizza I’ve ever eaten. It didn’t seem to come with everything that was listed on the menu, either, but they made up for that by serving the starters with the main courses. Very unusual. Decided against sending main courses back, since I reckoned they’d just sit getting cold somewhere out of sight.

It did mean we were able to catch the train home one hour earlier than expected.


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