Which episode NCIS for lunch today?

There’s been no mention of NCIS for far too long now. As it’s the Easter holidays, Daughter and I lunched with another episode the other day. Actually, to tell the truth, we lunch with NCIS on most days. With just over 130 episodes, the choice isn’t always easy. On this occasion we both chose the same, without discussing it.

Witchy, or what?


It’s the one where the ‘corpse’ turns out to still be alive when he turns up in autopsy, which at least makes a change for Ducky, who talks to all his ‘patients’. It’s probably stretching credibility to have the live dead man have a connection to the team, but if they didn’t do it this way, they’d need far too many characters. And we do like Mike Franks. And it’s sad. And Ziva wears the orange hat, which is also sad.

And some budding hope at the end.

(Photo © CBS)


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