Six-kiss Tennant

David Tennant and Michelle Ryan

My nerd tells me that was David Tennant’s sixth Doctor Who kiss. Imagine keeping track of something like that! If my informant is wrong, then it’s nothing to do with me.

We liked this episode of Doctor Who. I always suspected London buses were quite useful, sturdy things. And I hope they didn’t think the beginning was very original. We’ve seen Top Kapi, you know.

Would have liked the flies to have less human bodies, but maybe the costume department has had its budget slashed. On the other hand, they could afford to do what they did to the bus.

I’m not keeping on top of the proposed developments this year, so I don’t know if this was Michelle Ryan’s only appearance on Doctor Who. I liked her, and would like to see her again.


3 responses to “Six-kiss Tennant

  1. It was good wasn’t it! Apparently though what they did to the bus was unintentional, it got hit by a crane wielding a cargo container when they were transporting it to Dubai! I think originally worm holes weren’t meant to have that sort of effect!

  2. You see…. if you had watched the Doctor Who Confidential like I did, then you would know that! 😛

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