‘You don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in the Senate’. Yes, I think we’d already worked that one out, but the dawning realisation of what he’d just said, on camera and in front of his staff, was quite a sight. I don’t want to be the Senator for Arkansas for a while.

I’d never heard of Bill Maher, and that is a good thing. I started watching Religulous thinking maybe he’d be discovering a lot of worthwhile insincerity about religion. I think maybe he thought so, too. What this stand-up comedian did, was to go round being rude to a lot of people because of their faith.

Personally I’m fairly neutral about religion, so have no crusade to take in either direction, and I’m neither amused nor insulted by Bill Maher. Do think it might have been a good idea for the lovely truck drivers in North Carolina to sit on the stupid man for a while, however. As it was, they blessed him after he insulted their faith.

Religion is full of stupid people and people who knowingly use their followers. If they are so stupid as to appear on film with the enemy, without being armed with religious knowledge, that’s their problem. Other than that, people are allowed to believe in whatever religion they fancy, without being humiliated on film by a comedian who thinks he’s cleverer than all the rest. Bill Maher had access to on-screen written comments about his victims. They did not.

Have to admire the ‘Doctor’ who was so smartly dressed and wore so much bling, courtesy of his congregation, and who was stupid as well, but who thought was he was doing was perfectly all right. He was worshipped by his followers. The rest of us ‘worship’ someone else, be they actors or singers or even (good) comedians. It’s all the same.

The men from the Vatican came out pretty well, but as I said, top marks to the Truckers chapel in Raleigh.

I recommend a dose of religion, as seen in Religulous, to exercise your brain and get you thinking. You may like Bill. I didn’t.

On at Cornerhouse from Friday 3rd April.

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