The Wire

Or The What?, according to the Resident IT Consultant. On account of BBC2 broadcasting The Wire in the, almost, middle of the night, it had to be recorded and we watched Monday’s episode on Tuesday, to see whether the effort of continuing to record it would be worth it.

It will be.

The Wire

Having seen in the interview with David Simon, writer of The Wire, in the Guardian Weekend (at the weekend, obviously) that you mustn’t look away even for ten seconds, because it will turn out to be meaningful five episodes later, I was a little dismayed to find the Resident IT Consultant asleep at least once, but never mind. (It reminds me of Harry Potter. All that stuff with the Polyjuice, that was far more relevant in later books.)

The subtitle issue we ignored. Once you have subtracted the 45% of what the actors say, which is only f**k in different combinations, there isn’t so much left. And it was less a case of hearing what they say, than understanding what it means. And having it ‘written down’ as it were, doesn’t make me more of an expert on Baltimore lingo.

And anyway, the main character spoke English very well, I thought. Turns out he’s British.

I/we will watch again. Daughter won’t bother, so I won’t force her. I’m only wondering how I will hold up with five episodes a week for more than a week?


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