The Roger Whittaker interview

Roger Whittaker 7

Here it is; the first CultureWitch interview! (And if that link doesn’t work, try this instead.) Good thing she practised on so many unsuspecting writers over at Bookwitch, before tackling her number one and most favourite singer. In the end Roger Whittaker was nowhere near as scary as I’d imagined.  ; )

In fact, he’s perfectly lovely, and very friendly. I’ll interview him again, any time. If only because I had more questions than time.


One response to “The Roger Whittaker interview

  1. How may I obtain permission to use one of Roger Whittaker’s photos (found via Google search on flickr – photo by Ann Giles with no email address available for contact)?
    I would like to add Roger Whittaker’s photo (taken on his 74th birthday) on my web site:
    I Lee

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