Happy 79th, Rolf Harris!

Rolf Harris is 79 today. Let’s hope he’s not in Australia right now, as in that case it will almost be tomorrow, and I’ve missed it.

When she was much younger, Daughter went round telling people (=strangers) that I love Rolf Harris. I do, but not quite the way she made it sound. Even Swedes got to see Rolf’s show on television in the 1960s, but after that he disappeared off our radar. It was good to find him crying over the fate of animals on Animal Hospital, decades later. Not good that he, and we, were crying, but the programme was wonderful.

When Offspring were much younger we went to a Rolf Harris concert in Liverpool. It was one of those occasions when you nearly get divorced or have a nervous breakdown while trying to find where you’re supposed to be going, but the concert itself more than made up for the travelling. It must have been one of the most wonderful, and successful for us, shows we’ve ever been to. It’s a rare thing to find someone with an audience in every age group, and nobody looks as though they’ve been dragged there, kicking and screaming.

Another bonus for me, is that Rolf is friends with Roger Whittaker. I tried finding a video to show here, with the two of them singing Ye Le. It’s great! But not on YouTube, so buy a CD instead. To make up  for that I give you Two Little Boys, with Rolf and male voice choir.

I had to do some market research to find the best version, so could have used some of  those hankies from last night. I suffer for my blogging. The witch is partial to male voice choirs, so that’s why I picked this one.

And just as I put iTunes back on to shuffle, it was Rolf himself who popped up.


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