Tears of the giraffe

Tears all round, is how tonight’s excursion to Botswana can best be described.

No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Still cannot fathom why people don’t like The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. It continues just as good as it began, and there are some very astute observations on human nature in there. This evening we were all three shedding tears, and that is a very rare occurrence, I can tell you. I’ll stock up on hankies for next time.

Daughter is halfway to Africa (in her dreams!), and the witch is wondering if it would be a good move to invest in dresses for the traditionally built. Alternately, we’ll have to settle for ‘bush tea’, which is always pleasant.

2 responses to “Tears of the giraffe

  1. One: I didn’t cry
    Two: I am going to go to Africa one day so nerrrrhhh…. 😛

  2. I am saving this for later: I don’t need more to weep at right now.

    (The stuff on Saturday all seems to have recorded! Now for trying to set up the DVDR …)

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