The television guide

I don’t know about you, but I twitch guiltily when I read the the television programme in the paper most days. I’m not keeping up with things! I’m not watching all those programmes people will talk about!

The question is why I feel guilty. There is as yet no law on compulsory television ownership, let alone rules for a compulsory number of hours watching. The license people believe we all have a set, but I don’t think they worry about how much I watch. Or how little.

I don’t have much spare time. What I have is spent on NCIS and films with Daughter, all in the name of bonding and sharing and whatever. I have not watched The Wire. Yet. I want to, but have none of the right channels. So, I’m pleased that BBC2 supposedly has The Wire coming to a box near me, soon. Though, having been advised to have the subtitles on for the first episodes, until I get used to the language, I’m wondering if I can do that with television. Can I?

G2 has just been advising what to watch after The Wire, which is premature for me, but I gather it ought to be Battlestar Galactica. Whatever that is.

We used to relax as a family, with the travel and decorating programmes. A mix of fun and the ridiculous. These days we don’t relax, and I note that Grand Designs is on, again. And I won’t be watching. But the niggle that I may run out of topics for conversation worries me.

How can a CultureWitch spare so little time for television?

We used to have neighbours once. Well, we still have neighbours, but not those ones. I’d been chatting to the mother across the road who had the same age son as me, but felt embarrassed I didn’t know their name when it came to party invitations. So when talking to another neighbour, I inquired whether he knew their surname. He just looked at me and suggested I’d find it in the credits of Coronation Street. I don’t watch Corrie! So I was none the wiser, except I realised why the boy’s father went round looking aloof and mysterious. He was nearly famous. Well, a friend of mine, a Corrie fan, knew who he was. But he never spoke to me. Can’t blame him.

2 responses to “The television guide

  1. Though, having been advised to have the subtitles on for the first episodes, until I get used to the language, I’m wondering if I can do that with television. Can I?

    In Freeview there should be a button marked ‘Subtitles’.

    In terrestrial analogue, press the teletext button and then press 888.

    If you have anything more sophisticated than that, you doubtless know more than I do.

    Apparently a Corrie actress used to live just down the street from here. I heard this as a rumour from awed small children, but I have no idea who she was.

    Meanwhile, I am banging my head against the wall because the fabulous Being Human is repeating on BBC3 tomorrow night (half of it, anyway), and I can not get the new digital TV recorder to work. It just sits and blinks green at me. It is possible that Argos have sent me, not a digital TV recorder, but a kitten. Bah.

  2. I know nothing. I can do the video, except after digital later this year I won’t even be able to do that.

    I just find that whenever I learn a few new buttons, we get something new or something changes and I’m lost again.

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