Or Cologne to the rest of you. Daughter and I have travelled to Germany to see Roger Whittaker. Tonight could be his last concert. We hope it’s not. But right now it’s the end of his most recent farewell tour, and we just daren’t stay away. 

Roger Whittaker and dog

No Eau-de-Cologne for us, unless we fall in the river, but we both want to see the cathedral again, and another Roger Whittaker fan told me about the chocolate museum…

Apparently you can buy the cathedral in chocolate. Will investigate.

2 responses to “Köln

  1. havealittletalk

    Have a wonderful time! Or considering the time difference, I hope you ARE HAVING a wonderful time!

  2. We were! See above. If the review of our evening seems disjointed it’s because it was written in the middle of the night.

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