The search for Hjördis

Ever since the start of Bookwitch, I’ve been fascinated by the searches people have made, only to end up with me. Sometimes it makes perfect sense. They search for something ‘normal’ and end up on my blogs because I’ve written about whatever it is.

Occasionally (quite often, actually) people search for really weird things, which I definitely have not written about. Just goes to show google isn’t infallible.

For CultureWitch I’m astounded that the commonest search is Hjördis Niven. I mentioned her in passing in October last year, as Roger Moore had talked about her. But I have no particular knowledge about poor Hjördis. I decided I’d google a little too, but there really isn’t much out there. What there is is all the same, and not nice.

I really liked David Niven, and feel sorry that his marriage may have been pretty awful, but until last year I didn’t know that. I read his autobiography many years ago, which ends with their wedding. I’ve read far too many Swedish magazines than is good for me, but I suppose it’s natural they would write nice things about one of their own who married a famous actor.

In my own search I only came up with one different item, which at least is quite amusing.


3 responses to “The search for Hjördis

  1. Hjordis was actually a very kind and compassionate lady and had a great sense of humour.

  2. I’m glad to hear that, Peter. I am simply reporting what I heard, and also my surprise on finding how many people search for Hjördis online.

  3. I have been made aware of a new website dedicated to Hjördis, where it’s possible to read a bit more about this woman, who in all likelihood was both nice and awful, the way most of us are.

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