From the NCIS set

Some people have all the luck. Not only did Abby’s wedding guest get to attend the wedding last month, but last week she visited the set. It sounds like it was as good as you’d expect, and there isn’t much point in me going on about it. Read here, instead.

Airstream interior

I gather there is procedure on how to enter and exit a make-up trailer. Don’t want wonky eyeliner, do we? (The trailers move. Up and down.) The visit even included a look inside Mark Harmon’s Airstream. What I want to know is whether it was with Mark, or without.

Airstream exterior

Regardless, I want one of those! And I was amused to see that Bolt lived in an Airstream.


3 responses to “From the NCIS set

  1. NCIS star Rocky Carroll (Director Vance) will be chatting live with fans on Fancast tomorrow (Thursday) at 12pm PST. Ask him anything!

  2. If it is possible to come back after this life is finished, I would like to come back as Mark’s wife for at least 60 years.
    Mark, you are always in my heart, in the nicest way.

  3. I expect there will be a queue…

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