‘I can’t wait to weigh your liver’

Isn’t that the kind of insult you’d like to hurl at someone? The one who says it (on NCIS, where else?) is Dr Mallard, the medical examiner, to our favourite terrorist, Ari. I think it means he’s hoping Ari will die soon.

Kate and Ducky

We’re having a three week gap enforced with no new NCIS, so the starving witch returned to series one, where the otherwise so polite Ducky uttered those words.


Some bloggers keep harking back to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. every now and then, and anyone with any taste  liked David McCallum best (yes, I’m thinking of you…). If I’d known in the 1960s that I’d still be sitting down every week in 2009 (except when I can’t) to watch him, I’d have been surprised. Even then I knew he was too old for me, but somehow the age gap has shrunk a little.

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6 responses to “‘I can’t wait to weigh your liver’

  1. Good God, are you telling me Ari’s not dead yet? (Remember I’m still not at the end of season two.) Or do you just mean he wasn’t dead then?

    Why would Mr and Mrs Mallard decide to call their little boy Donald? ‘You know, darling, I’ve decided I really hate this baby. Let’s give him a name that will ensure years of duck-related misery through school and beyond.’

    And how come Ari, Ducky, the Resident IT Consultant and I all went to the same university, but two of us think it has a yearbook and the other two know it doesn’t? Especially when the two who think it does would appear to bookend the two who know it doesn’t?

    I’m overthinking this …

  2. It’s impossible to overthink this kind of thing.

    Every institution has a yearbook! Has to.

    Not sure about Mr and Mrs M…

    AA, look away now, but surely you know Ari is dead? So is the other character with Ducky, and you know it. All I meant was that at the ‘liver-weighing stage he was alive and kicking’. And very good looking.

  3. Yes, I thought he must be. In fact, the transcript for the opening episode of season 3 is the only one for NCIS on Twiz, and I read it at an early stage. But I think that was only the first episode, not the second.

    Edinburgh University has noooo yearbook. Belisario may not be able to get his head round this non-American idea, but nevertheless it is so.

    And now I’m getting slightly obsessive.

  4. The whole yearbook thing always bugs me. I don’t know any UK unis that have one, though they may catch on eventually. As a Brit, that clangs badly every time I watch this episode.

    Though as an unashamed and unrelenting Kibbs shipper, my favourite parts are Gibbs’ nightmare being that Kate has died, and him turning up at her coffeeshop to interrogate/flirt with her. Seriously, some of the looks he shoots her way in that scene are pure eyesex! Which I love 😀

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