Virus au paradis

It was Adèle Geras blogging on ABBA who made me think of this film, which I’d been meaning to mention for a while. Adèle was writing about Arnaldur Indridason, and it was the Icelandic aspects of his books that reminded me. If you go on IMDb you will find one review and it’s by someone who found it a very boring film. I have to disagree, because the whole witch family found it very, very scary and exciting. We watched Virus au paradis on television, so saw it in two parts, which meant that patience had to be exercised while waiting for the second part.

Before I continue, I hope there is no bird flu epidemic about to break out.

Virus au paradis

My clever readers will already have worked out this could be a French film. It is. It’s also Icelandic. And Swedish. It’s weird, really, because many of the actors speak their own language, while talking to someone who replies in another language. So there’s all French conversations, French/English, all Swedish, and any other combination. There are some very bad fake people from the BBC (they could have found somebody English in this set-up, surely?).

This bird flu starts in France, and moves to Sweden, before they all go off to Iceland to search for its origins. Those who are still alive, that is. Main characters are killed off at great speed, and there is just no knowing whether anyone will be left at the end.

You may develop a fear of birds for some time afterwards. It’s not boring. I promise.


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