Weirder than weird

I know that some people found New Town, the Edinburgh based property crime pilot episode, quite good. The witch household watched it, as it came recommended (or maybe suggested is more appropriate) by our excellent colleague on Eurocrime.

What could be more interesting than new crime, set in a lovely city, and featuring property? That’s what we thought. It was only the belief that ‘surely it will have some point soon’ which kept us going. Can somebody please tell me what was good about New Town? The poor little boy was quite sweet, I suppose. The island girl, maybe. Unless she turns out to be an axe murderer in disguise.

Actually, New Town itself looked good. But who could dream up Purves and Pekkala? No relation of Serafina, I can tell you.

The accompanying programme with Ian Rankin about Edinburgh was much more fun. I only wish I hadn’t fallen asleep in the middle of it. No reflection on Ian.


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