Snow Cake

Over on Bookwitch there is a new page listing books on Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Following on from yesterday’s post here on OCD, we’ve got Autism, too. To celebrate that it was Alan Rickman’s birthday on Saturday, we watched Snow Cake. Daughter had been uncertain about the film until she looked it up, and then got very enthusiastic all of a sudden.

Snow Cake

Sigourney Weaver did an exceptional job as Linda, the autistic mother, whose daughter is killed in Alan Rickman’s car. He calls to see her, and gets persuaded (forced) to stay and organise the funeral, so that he can take the rubbish out for her the day after. It’s a small community, with some good people and quite a few busybodies.

The woman with the sympathy cake provides some hilarity, which of course leads to the snow cake of the title. Linda eats snow, and is more obsessed with neatness and cleanliness than Monks with his OCD. But she learns, too, and can adapt a little to Alan Rickman’s presence, and even to her daughter’s funeral do.

A belated happy 63rd birthday, Alan!


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