Be careful what you discuss with author Caroline Lawrence. If it’s a film or television series she will most likely have seen it. She probably also owns the DVD. Over lunch in her flat last month we somehow got onto the subject of OCD, so she immediately whipped out the first season of Monk for us to borrow, along with a jiffy bag for us to return it in. Professional, or what?

Well, I hope Caroline isn’t expecting it back too quickly, as we’re still only halfway. Watched two episodes tonight, as it’s half term and Daughter needed entertaining. It also gives the Resident IT Consultant something to feel superior about. Not even he is that weird. Neither am I. Almost, but not quite. Ex-policeman Monk can come and neaten up our house any time.

It is very unrealistic, and I don’t often say that about television series. My tolerance threshold is fairly high. But Monk is charming and fun, and it makes a change to have a hero who is a wimp. Makes me feel more hopeful.

Today’s episode featured one of our favourite regulars from NCIS, as well as a one-off character from Daughter’s favouritest NCIS episode Sub Rosa. (He was the one who did it.)

In the other episode poor Monk went into the wrong house, instead of his own. I remember well when the man who lived in the flat above ours, when I was a child, accidentally came into our kitchen instead. Monk didn’t even know he doesn’t own a popcorn maker, but our neighbour at least noticed the table cloth in the kitchen had changed since he went out.


One response to “Monk

  1. I think you might have got the two episodes the wrong way round. It was the wrong house and then the NCIS familiar faces.


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