Che, part two

The second part of Che is all about his Bolivian venture. Unlike the Cuban revolution, it had no happy ending of any kind, so maybe that’s why it feels less uplifting? Or perhaps it’s simply that I kept wondering of Che had lost his marbles.

As a film it’s as good as part one, and I feel anyone with some interest in the man, as well as in modern history, will want to see both films. But it’s bleaker, less varied. We follow Che as he enters Bolivia in disguise, and then as he gathers guerillas to help him overthrow the Bolivian government. I kept thinking of a friend I once had, a Bolivian student leader, who would have been only marginally younger than Che’s guerillas.

We never see the classic photo of the dead Che in the film. The one that as a child I remember vividly from the television news, despite knowing nothing about the man or what he’d done. I do remember feeling that it wasn’t right, using his dead body as a trophy.

Che dies heroically, but I hope that he had realised by then that Bolivia was not Cuba.


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