Is it that I’m too tired, because I can’t quite work out why the latest NCIS episode was called Deliverance? Makes me think of the film with the same title, except I don’t believe they are similar at all. It was more digging into Gibbs’ past, which is why Mike Franks turned up again. I think it’s good for the ‘boss’ to have his old boss there to restore the balance.

Franks and Gibbs

Tried to follow the reasoning of one fan over at Special Ops over the timings of the past, which the writers had come up with for the plot, but it doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t think about it. Some fans also felt it was ‘too Gibbs centred’, again. I don’t see that you can complain about the main character being the main character, even if you prefer DiNozzo. Swings and roundabouts.

On a different note, I was pleased to find that Sara Paretsky seems to be a fan of NCIS, too. She’s just introduced Abby and McGee in her online Warshawski story. I knew there was a reason I like her.

(Photo © CBS)


3 responses to “Deliverance

  1. Actually, diNozzo rubs me the wrong way–perpetual frat boy–but I love Gibbs, and I always enjoy the Frank-Gibbs interactions. I wish I could be Agent David when I grow up!

  2. At the risk of annoying Tony’s adoring lady fans, I can’t understand what they see in him. (He reminds me of my cousin…)

    Love Gibbs, obviously.

    Definitely want to be Abby, and I’d prefer not to have to grow up first.

  3. See, I agree with the people who suspect diNozzo has hidden depths.

    A trust-fund kid who became … a policeman.

    Trust-fund kids don’t do that.

    Guy has issues.

    Definitely want to be Abby, and I’d prefer not to have to grow up first.

    I have a friend in her 70s. She too wants to be Abby. And has no intention of growing up first.

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