Although I’m a big fan of Miss Piggy’s, I didn’t fancy the film Penelope much, as it was about a girl with a pig’s nose. But I watched it anyway, once Daughter had blown her gift card money at the big bookshop by buying the DVD. (See, that’s the thing these days. We have more books than we can shake sticks at, so the lovely book tokens that turn up at every gift giving opportunity, are harder to spend than they should be.)

It was quite a nice film, in the end. It has James McAvoy in it, and I have to admit that once you remove the hairy backside and hooves and whatnot that he sports in Narnia, the boy is very cute. Too young for an old witch, but cute anyway.

Old-fashioned and romantic film, with a slightly problematic ending. Do you keep the poor girl as a pig, or do you let her off pig-hood, and thereby fail the whole idea of what the film is about?


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