Jonas Brothers

This is the book I’d want if I was a little bit younger and a fan of the Jonas Brothers. Since I’m neither, I can simply look at their book from the point of view that if it was about somebody I’m passionate about, then this is perfect. In fact, I have to admit to complete dinosaur membership here, and tell you that before last summer I had barely heard of these nice looking boys. That’s when I had to send the Resident IT Consultant chasing round our unfashionable town for a copy of the Rolling Stone. A Swedish friend of mine has a granddaughter who’s a big fan, and she desperately wanted the RS because it had the Jonas Brothers on the cover. (This is where the witch starts singing ‘On the Cover of the Rolling Stone’, as that is one of her old favourites.) Amazingly, our un-cool town did have the Rolling Stone for sale.

I’m slightly too old, almost, for the Osmonds as well, but that’s who I think of when I look at Kevin, Joe and Nick. I like the look of Joe. Very nice. And the baby, Bonus Jonas is rather sweet, but only eight years old.

Burning Up

Anyway, Burning Up – On Tour With The Jonas Brothers, is 140 glossy pages of photos and diary type entries from the three boys, and lots of backstage information. In this day and age when everything is available on the internet, it’s actually quite good to look at a glossy book instead. In my time we had to make do with the one pop magazine, Bildjournalen, and hope for a picture of our favourites, and occasionally a poster.

I wanted to educate myself a little, so visited YouTube for some music. It’s not my type of music, but I can see why the Jonas boys are so popular.

Definitely a book for the JB fan. (Daughter wants it made known that she isn’t one. Can’t win them all, can you?)


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