How does a fruitfly lose its car keys?

I think I fell a little bit in love with Terry Pratchett when I saw the BBC snippet on his reaction to getting a knighthood back in December, or whenever it is that the list of new knights appears. I had seen him in real life before then, but here he was far more personal.

I’m still a little bit in love after Wednesday evening’s programme on BBC2 about Terry’s first year of living with the diagnosis of Alzheimers. The best news from the programme is that not only is Terry still as funny as before, but it seems it’s more his spelling that’s going, than his ability to think up new plots for books.

Terry’s search for more information, and hopefully a cure, is the natural progression for a man like him. And whereas it can’t ever be ‘nice’ for a famous person suddenly having to become a front figure for some illness or other, it could be that it will eventually be beneficial to others with that same illness. Terry’s assistant may have felt that the odd contraption Terry wore on his head (and I don’t mean his hat) was very Heath Robinson, but I felt it was straight out of Discworld.

The fact that Terry has always been a little unconventional is a good thing. It means that he’s not so different now. The change would be far worse for someone really strict and proper.

And it seems that fruitflies can be given Alzheimers, and then be cured of it. At least in the lab. But I don’t believe they had an answer as to how the fruitfly loses its car keys.

2 responses to “How does a fruitfly lose its car keys?

  1. An interesting side effect of the programme is that my review of Terry’s latest children’s book, Nation, on Bookwitch, got a few extra hits. The explanation must be that after the programme, people visited his website, where in turn, they found the link to me. Unexpected, but fun.

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