Taxing music

It was time for my annual attempts to speak to the tax authorities the other day. I barely exist, and when they find I have no money and pay no taxes (very bad), they tend to want to know why I bother them.

I noticed that at least the tax office I phoned, still does Vivaldi to lighten up the tension of being put on hold. I had almost thought good old Vivaldi was unfashionable these days, as far as switchboards go. No sooner had I pondered this, and looked at my watch again to see how long I’d been at it, when they switched music!

It was on to Pachelbel and his canon, which is an even lovelier piece of music than Spring. I’m determined not to let the phone system ruin enjoyable music, but it’s not easy to avoid getting annoyed. This time I worked out that they must do five minutes of each.

Whether they have a larger repertoire still, I don’t know, because ‘unfortunately’ I reached a human at that point. He promised to try and help, but this was the first time he’d heard of a request like mine…


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