There is something about the title that makes me feel tired. Maybe I have been bitten by a vampire. I didn’t know they don’t sleep.

Daughter had been going on about my need to see Twilight for weeks, so we marched off to the cinema at the weekend, before the film was off the menu. Our arrival was timed to such perfection that we only had half a mobile phone advert before getting to the feature, so I’ll have to work on this getting late to films. The screen had a little hole in it, which I couldn’t help staring at for most of the film, so I suppose I didn’t concentrate as much as I should have.

I had hoped seeing the film would absolve me from the need to read the books. Now I just wonder if the books may be better, because the film didn’t quite do it for me. It was entertaining enough, but very ridiculous. Daughter told me I’d like Edward/Robert Pattinson as the film went on, but all I saw was someone dead. Cedric Diggory, to be precise. With the white face, he looked dead, not swoon material. I’m obviously too old for this.

Kristen Stewart as Bella was really good, but I don’t know why she couldn’t have hooked up with some of the normal teenagers, or that nice young Native American from the reservation. Though I believe there are werewolves to come, so it could be a frying pan/fire kind of problem.

The scenery of Washington (state) was a little too Swedish for my comfort. All those forests..! Even the school looked like something I might have attended.

Toadly. (My new word from Twilight. Often spelled totally.)

3 responses to “Twilight

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  2. Oh, well wotdyknow, it’s new.

    No, watching it is not a substitute for reading the books, especially as the sequel is going to directed by chris weitz of american pie and golden compass infamy.

    I had my doubts about the film, as robert’s voice in the trailers was completely off to the edward in my head. However i was impressed overall.

    After golden compass, i had low expectations of any adaptation, but i really enjoyed this. It even smoothed over some of the rough edges in the writing. So maybe give it another chance when it’s out on dvd. I also bought the ‘making off’ book that accompanies it, the first time I’ve ever bothered… that itself is quite interesting.

    The soundtrack is also rather brilliant. i have a soft spot for the piano, so bella’s lullaby, and debussy get played a lot.

    oh… and… The books will answer many of the questions you have.

  3. Very obedient of you.

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