Air Force One

We’re a little too familiar with the inside of Air Force One than should be normal. It comes from having watched the first episode of NCIS, Yankee White, a ‘few’ times. It was surely inspired by Air Force One with Harrison Ford as President. 

As usual I come to things in the wrong order, and anybody normal would have seen the Ford movie first. It’s been on my radar for a while, and it’s available in charity shops all the time, but I haven’t succumbed. Then last night the BBC showed it, which is amazing for a Saturday night, when I rarely find anything worthwhile on. What’s more, it was on at a ‘watchable’ time, not clashing with mealtimes or bedtime, necessitating the recording of yet another film.

In a way I really don’t approve of all these violent action films, with the Americans always the good guys, but Air Force One at least turned out to be a good, old-fashioned action movie. They are rarer than they used to be, I feel, and I can always switch off any inconvenient pc instincts I may possess.

Was it just a coincidence that the film was on a few days after the Obamas moved into the White House? I was pleased to see in the paper how Bush left on Air Force One on Tuesday, but of course, by then it wasn’t Air Force One. As we saw in the film last night, that honour can be transferred to anything that flies. Though dangling the president on a piece of string underneath the aircraft seems not to count. You have to reel him in.

(And isn’t it clever of me to manage to mention NCIS all the time? Tiresome, too, I know.)

2 responses to “Air Force One

  1. My attempts to pimp NCIS to people usually go like this:

    Other person: Why should I watch this show?

    Me: Because they steal Air Force One in the very first episode!!!!

  2. Must remember that! All I could think of when the traitor stood in the open door, was that it’s where DiNozzo shuts it in the face of the FBI.

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