A little bit of patriotism

There was no new episode of NCIS last night, but the witch understands why. President Obama took up most people’s television time on Tuesday, and the blogs are full of impressions from this momentous event. Bookwitch mentioned the Obamas’ new house yesterday, and that will have to be enough. We are full of hope.

Family Secret from NCIS series three is an episode we hardly ever watch (a few times, maybe), so the other day we did. It’s one of the more patriotic ones, and we re-discovered some of our favourite bits. Like this one, where the team are squirming because the Director is sitting in Gibbs’ chair. But he knows how to get the message across.

Di Nozzo and Gibbs in Family Secret

We only returned to this episode, because Daughter started wondering when it is that Tony injures his leg. My detective work led us to Family Secret, which we seem to have ignored. Gibbs slapping himself is another reason to watch it.

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