The Importance of Milton Keynes

Mustn’t underestimate Milton Keynes and the role it plays in drama. Daughter was furious on Saturday when we were going to be out all day on the day the new Doctor was going to be announced. How could she possibly live with not knowing Who, the very second the information was made public?

Well, for my part I felt there was a certain significance to passing through Milton Keynes that day. Twice. I didn’t know why, just felt it had some meaning or other. So I had to laugh when I searched Google on our return (Daughter had to dash off to feed neighbour’s cat first) to find Matt Smith named as the next Doctor.

It was in Milton Keynes that Daughter and I saw somebody we ‘knew’ when we changed trains there a year and a half ago. The kind of encounter where you feel it’s someone from school or somewhere like that, because you really know them. Didn’t take too long to work out that Matt was a History Boy, so the school connection was sort of right.

We were on our way to Northampton to go to the theatre, and I half wondered if Matt was, too. To act. Now I gather he actually hails from Northampton, so was most likely just going home. Or would have been, if he hadn’t missed his train by a mobile phone’s breadth.

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