This calendar is a must-have for me. The artist, Kerstin Svensson, lives and works in “my” part of Sweden, and there is something about her paintings that I need. 

Kerstin Svensson calendar

Most of Kerstin’s calendar pictures are watercolours, with a few in oil. Many are of “my” landscape, and some are still lives of things that are similar to what I surround myself with. So, I suppose I’m just looking for the familiar.

Each monthly picture is accompanied by a quote. Some are from the bible, but others are simply wise words or thoughts. I’m not one for too much depth, but I do appreciate the quotes Kerstin picks. And many of the pictures turn out to have a special meaning for me, like the one for November 1997 when my Mother died. The dark painting of a closed old rickety gate had a sort of message about it.

My Mother used to buy the calendars for me. Since 1998 one of her neighbours has been kind enough to buy and post one to me every year; an act which goes well beyond being neighbourly. I didn’t know her before my Mother’s illness, and now I do. It’s something to do with gates. One closes and another opens.

The title of the calendar means “Peace for the soul”, and I feel it delivers what it promises.

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