Is there anything at all on television?

Christmas was better in the olden days. I may have grown up with only one television channel and only black and white, but it kept us entertained. Here and now, the more channels we get, the less I want to watch. But I’m used to finding some good programmes on most days, except Christmas Day.

This year it’s the other way round. Found two programmes worth watching yesterday, but not much else, before or after. The two were Doctor Who, and Wallace and Gromit. Have I missed something, somewhere? At this rate I’ll have to resort to saved BBC4 programmes from earlier this month, or perhaps those films saved on video, was it Christmas two years ago?

Or maybe we’ll dive into the box decorated by young and bored Son many winters ago, where we keep Christmas videos. I could do with some Muppets. Or even Postman Pat.

5 responses to “Is there anything at all on television?

  1. Själv är ingen jul numera komplett utan Nightmare Before Christmas, The Hogfather samt A Christmas Carol med Patrick Stewart i huvudrollen. Och givetvis Karl-Bertil Jonsson 🙂

    Gott nytt år från kusin Michael i Sverige

  2. Kan man få en förklaring på Nightmare Before Christmas? Vi begrep ingenting, och slutade titta efter tio minuter. Det var det mest meningslösa vi stött på. Någonsin.

  3. En förklaring? Enligt mig så ifall man behöver få en film förklarad för sig så är poängen helt borta ändå

  4. I haven’t a clue what is said above, but here’s my tuppence…

    I was never a fan of Blackadder – for some reason it passed me by – but I did enjoy the documentary about its history and I now feel some DVD purchases coming on…

    In addition to those you mention, which were big hits where I was, we were also enthralled and laughing convulsively at the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special. One great and memorable scene was Gav’s friend Smithy singing along to a Christmas song in his car and he then calls Gav on his hands-free mobile. In the spirit of Christmas, Smithy urges his friend to sing along too, so we then see Gav walking through a car park producing vocals that would see him have a place in a Welsh male voice choir any day.

    All drawn to Billericay, we then experienced a true family Christmas and a gathering of the masses from both sides of the family and friends. It was pretty realistic and a good laugh, getting a bit serious towards the end which opened up a can of worms that can only be the base of the conflicts we will see in series three. (Ensuring more travel for the Wests and Shipmans along the M4…)

    Tonight I am looking forward to Outnumbered on BBC1. This is fantastic series and I came to it late. I made up for it by buying the DVD of series one and watching all the episodes back to back. The children are not scripted – they are just told what to achieve in each scene – and the result is a masterpiece. The actors also have to deal with this improvisation and do it really well. Not to be missed!

    Have I Got News for You is also worth watching, if only for the quote from Frank Skinner:
    “Gordon Brown saying he should be allowed to fix the economy is like Bomber Harris offering to fix a few windows in Dresden.”

    Well, there’s another few progs to look into, Ann…

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