Lucia in Liverpool 2008

Lucia 2008

As promised, here is a brief report from Lucia at the Gustav Adolf church in Liverpool on Sunday.

In time honoured tradition we had lots of little hiccoughs at the last minute, but that just makes for a better performance. Gabriella as Lucia did very well, and her younger sister Annabell sang Silent Night beautifully on her own. We even had a very mature “star boy” this time, along with a few tiny ones. It’s a brave man who stands up wearing a white dress, ice cream cone on his head, and ends up singing solo as well.


The fire alarm went off only once, and our temporary minister’s wife is ace at ironing. Afterwards there was coffee with Lucia buns, and some of us collapsed in tired little heaps. And we were full of plans for next year by the time we headed home.

(So far I’ve only managed to freeze my email while trying to get the promised video up here. Will get back to you with that, should there be a miracle later on. I need my own starboy!)

2 responses to “Lucia in Liverpool 2008

  1. This sounds lovely. Did you hear the afternoon reading on Radio 4 this afternoon? Justin Cartwright on the Midsummer and Lucia celebrations on the island of Grinda (‘A Question of Light’). You can, of course, hear it on Listen Again.

  2. Not being much of a radio listener, I miss almost everything that’s on. Will see if I can catch it before it disappears. Thanks, pb.

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