I don’t think so. The second instalment of Wallander (remember, think V, not W) was also very good. I’m allowing for the names to be slaughtered, along with the murder victims. But please don’t add things that aren’t there.

The actors are saying Yshtad with bravura, but this isn’t Germany. Since the natural urge to say Whystead has been resisted so beautifully, can we skip the    sh-ing as well? It’s Ystad, plain and simple.

I was a little puzzled at the darkness in last night’s Wallander. Filter on the camera? They also referred to the longest day, which is Midsummer, and that was no Midsummer last night. The light was wrong, there were not enough drunks, and people were behaving normally, going round committing murders and things.

We enjoyed it. For foreigners, they are doing very well. In Yshtad…


4 responses to “Yshtad?

  1. A word of warning to your US readers who may intend to read The Pyramid & 4 other Wallender stories, which was published this fall in the US.

    I was halfway through the next-to-last story [the one about the photographer] when a sentence that broke on one page didn’t make sense when it resumed on the next page, no matter how hard I tried to make it do so.

    The problem: a signature was missing! Not out of place, but simply not there [next signature appears twice].

    So I missed the entire second half of the story.

    Now that’s annoying!

  2. Isn’t that something you take up with either the shop or the publishers? Follow Sara Paretsky’s advice over on bookwitch a few days ago…

    Or write to Mankell.

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