We went to the Scandinavian Church in Liverpool today for an Advent service. It was followed by a simple but very nice lunch organised as always by our wonderful matron Mette and her Stan, who is the best Norwegian speaking Englishman I know. Mette’s bread is wonderful, and let’s not get on to the subject of the waffles with jam and cream. We did not go home hungry.

We did not go home immediately, anyway, as it was time for Lucia practice for the children and a few intrepid older people. They do not include me. And I hope they won’t kill me for calling them older. I just mean they are not children.

Lucia practice at Gustav Adolf church, Liverpool

This is the “before” photo of how they looked today. In two weeks’ time we’ll hopefully have a real photo to show you, with everyone dressed up, and with a few more participants as well. I tend to like the practice best. They sing like angels even the first time, and everyone is relaxed, including me, and I’ve got the whole church to spread out in.

I’ll let you have a preview from last year’s Lucia, just to show what you can put together after something like three hours of practising, but with decades of tradition in your backbone.

And here is the link to last year’s blog post about the same event. The reason I’m going on about this at great length isn’t just to bore you. There is now politics involved as well.

The mother church (hah!) in Uppsala wants to close us down. To put it bluntly, they’d prefer to do their inspection trips to Thailand instead of Liverpool, and who can blame them? We have fought long and hard, and we thought that Liverpool City Council had the last word when they said that the church building is not Uppsala’s to sell, and that we can lease it from them. The word from last week’s meeting is that Uppsala not only still believe they are right, but they are bracketing us with the same motive as they have. To own and to sell for a vast sum of money. (In this economical climate? I don’t think so.) They finished the meeting with a quick look around the church for valuables, a bit like you check out aunty’s jewellery as she lies on her deathbed.

Along with regrouping for another long fight, we are gasping at the sheer Christian spirit of their behaviour. Or not, as the case may be.

Oh, and a week ago we celebrated our 125th anniversary. I don’t personally recall all those years, but it’s a well loved and important church.

4 responses to “Advent

  1. We went to the Norwegian and Finnish Christmas fairs in Rotherhithe last weekend. As always a really lovely atmosphere and the nearest we’ll get to a trip to Scandinavia. There is clearly a big community behind these churches offering their support – I guess its the same in Liverpool. We arrived home with more Moomin goodies than I would have guessed were available, although I have to admit that my children are now to big to have greeted Papa Moomin who was wandering about the terrific post war Finnish seamen’s mission. Managed, but only just, not to spend the child benefit on Marrimeko fabrics.

  2. You never know, pb, you may end up in Scandinavia one day.

    I actually thought the child benefit was meant to spent on Marimekko things?

    We went to the Marimekko shop in Stockholm two years ago, and Daughter who has never hesitated to spend (other people’s) money, paled when she saw the prices, and exited the shop faster than you can say Moomin.

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  4. When watching the video all past memories came flooding back. 23 yrs of memories, of what I call my 2nd home. The Scandinavian church is a HUGE part of all us scandinavians lifes. How can SKUT even consider closing a thriving and finacially self reliant community? What is the sense behind it all? Please support us in our plight to keep the church open.

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