and Dagger

as I’d guessed. And more angst for Gibbs, which some of his ardent fans reckon he could do without. Who better, I say.

The internet is full of spoilers, and even with the intent of avoiding them myself, I found I knew how this latest NCIS episode was going to end. If CBS describe it as someone making the ultimate sacrifice, it could only mean one thing, and it could only mean one character.


It was funny how when they needed an Abby and Gibbs in the lab scene, and Gibbs being busy elsewhere, they simply put director Vance there instead. It worked almost better, because of its fresh appeal. And we had a need for a toilet twice, which is also refreshing, because so often fictional people never seem to need to go. Have always worried about the effects of so much coffee drinking.

Abby and Vance

I like the new angry DiNozzo. He is much better than the childish fool, who has annoyed me for years.

(Photos © CBS)

8 responses to “and Dagger

  1. Please please please please reassure me that my McGee is all right?

  2. Your McGee? So that’s who you like?

    We like him too, and we are not in mourning. You’ll have to come over and watch AA. How many episodes can you manage in one sitting?

  3. Does anyone not like McGee?

    My TV died a slow death and I have only just replaced it. So I have videos stacked up (I am such a nerd) representing the second half of season 2 (yes, in my head Kate is still alive), season 3 and season 4. When I have got through these, I shall be ready to be updated! Thanks!

  4. Lucky you. So much left to watch. But you also have several “new friends” to meet and some to see off for ever.

    This is a dangerous spot for you, as you’re bound to find things out you don’t want to.

  5. Oh, I don’t particularly mind being spoiled. I know quite a lot about what happens in later seasons. I just insist on watching them in order!

    Can I do HTML in these comments? Because I wanted to offer you a couple of links:

    here and here

    They include references to characters (Elizabeth, Zelenka, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay) from another show, Stargate Atlantis (SGA). For some reason, there’s a huge overlap between these two fandoms: I think it’s because they both feature teams that snark at each other but really have great mutual affection.

  6. That first link should be:


    Don’t know what happened there.

  7. I’ll spoil away, then.

    Actually, the Resident IT Consultant is way behind with things, too. He watched the first ep of series 5, and then he watched the last, leaving 16 un-viewed eps in the middle. He can’t keep track of things anyway, so maybe it doesn’t matter who lives or dies or falls in love or commits treason.

    Btw, McGee may not be dead, but he did just commit treason. Bad boy.

  8. Btw, McGee may not be dead, but he did just commit treason. Bad boy.


    Oh well, I’m sure he had a good reason. Or Abby made him do it.

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