Haven’t done a birthday for weeks, have I? So, many happy returns to Tom Conti who is 66 today.

It’s weird, but I feel I’ve been a lifelong fan, despite the fact I probably haven’t seen Tom in all that much. It was The Glittering Prizes that started me off, over thirty years ago. Then I went to see him in bed. That was Whose Life Is It Anyway?, somewhere in Blackfriars.

More recently we’ve watched Donovan on television. Best of all, though, I Was a Rat, a few years ago. Must watch it again, soon.

Hoped to meet him at long last some years ago, when he was supposed to do a book signing in the neighbourhood, except he disappeared completely, and never showed. There was a fairly amusing explanation to this, so I forgave him when he finally got here.

2 responses to “66

  1. I loved his Adam Morris in The Glittering Prizes as a schoolboy in Connecticut almost thirty years ago, and have never been the same. It was a delight to get the DVD this summer after all that time, the better to retire my blurry and fragmented home-taped videos.

  2. And I thought it was just women who liked him in that! I didn’t have a video recorder that long ago, unfortunately.

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