A Roger Whittaker fan

Anybody here who reads Danish? If so, I have a link here for you. In fact, I’d suggest you have a little look even if you don’t feel very Danish minded.

As I may have mentioned once or three times before, I am a big Roger Whittaker fan. But I only listen to his music all the time and buy CDs and go to concerts and pop in to Roger’s Guestbook and to his discussion forum every now and then. Just about every day. 

There are those who take this fan business a lot further, and one such fan is Ane Marie in Denmark. She is the subject of the Jutland newspaper link above, and she has been a serious fan forever. Ane Marie now even has a room full of memorabilia, which is the positive side of getting rid of your children.

Roger Whittaker "song"

She has been to 250 concerts, and she writes to other fans all over the world. And to Roger himself. He writes back, I gather.

It seems that Ane Marie is the lucky owner of the song sheet used by Roger when he sang that Danish nursery rhyme I mentioned a while ago. It’s not the words so much as a rough idea of how he should pronounce them, because Danish is a little bit difficult. But have a go. I can assure you it sounded better than it looks.

Ane Marie is a quiet sort of fan. But I think that if you need to know the answer to something, she will know.

2 responses to “A Roger Whittaker fan

  1. Hi! This is not so much a comment as it is a question for you, concerning Roger Whittaker. My knowledge of things Whittaker is non-existent, so I figure you would be a good person to ask, seeing that you are a big fan of him. My father recently mentioned that he would really like to find a CD that mainly consists of Whittaker whistling, since he enjoys listening to him whistle. I’m trying to find if such a CD even exists. Based on that criteria, which Whittaker CD would you recommend? I would appreciate any suggestions you can provide.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi ATW,
    To the best of my knowledge there is no CD, but there are a couple of LPs. Currently there are two available on eBay , item no 360100699108 from German eBay, and from Canada item no 380088169287. Both are ‘Buy it now’ items. I’ve had good experience with buying from both countries, and having things sent worldwide.

    The titles to look for are Whistling Roger Whittaker, or Whistle Stop.

    And if you ask here http://www.theguestbook.com/read.php/610539 you will most likely get even more information from Vicky and Rory or any of the other knowledgeable people. Though I don’t think the songs come on CD, as there’s lots of older material that fans are desperate to have re-released, but the record companies ignore. In their wisdom they are releasing another “new” compilation album consisting of the same songs the fans already own on about 50 different albums…

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