No more David Tennant!

Oh, no! What will all the Doctor Who fans do? David Tennant is stepping down after the episodes to be filmed next year.

Realistically most fans will be happy with the replacement. After all, it’s what the Doctor Who role does. All of a sudden he looks a little different. But for the newest batch of fans there has only been one change, and according to Daughter that was a change for the better.

I suppose we will now have to go and watch Hamlet on the stage, or something. (Yes, I know it’s sold out.)

3 responses to “No more David Tennant!

  1. Go and try ‘As you Like it’, they might not be sold out.

  2. But that doesn’t have David Tennant in it …..

  3. I thought that sounded wrong, too, but was too tired to work out which it’s supposed to be. Though, if it doesn’t have David Tennant in it, tickets might be easier to come by.

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