Will the latest double episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures cause the country’s children, and some adults, to develop a clown phobia? I’ve never felt that way inclined, so didn’t mind all that much, but I can see that if you make the baddie a clown, then screaming children will be next. Maybe.

Now that I think about it, I did have a recurring nightmare as a child, which actually featured clowns. It was only in the nightmare, though, and whereas I’m not a clown fan (they are a little boring, aren’t they?) I’ve not feared them either.

To get back to Sarah Jane; why, oh why, do they have to make the Mums so stupid all the time? We’ve just lost lovely Maria and her stupid, or maybe I should say cunning, Mum. And now they give us Rani, another pretty girl, who also has a stupid Mum. How do these girls become so nice and intelligent around women like these? If the Mums have to be out of the action, why not just make them high flying executive types, who are too busy to be home?

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