Roger Moore in Cheltenham

I didn’t know that Hjördis Niven was quite so awful, until Roger Moore mentioned it this evening. It doesn’t feel like a nice thing to say, but since he told two thousand of us or so, it can’t be considered a secret. He hastened to add that he doesn’t dislike all Swedes, which came as a relief both to the witch and to his wife.

Roger Moore

Having liked Roger since the days of Ivanhoe, through The Saint and all the rest, it was good to be able to hear him talk about his life, although we didn’t have time for quite everything from his 81 years in just over an hour. But he is 81! He doesn’t look it. He does come over very slightly doddery at times, but covers it up magnificently with that voice and all his charm.

We veered off topic a few times, but all in all it was an enlightening evening with Sir Roger. And he does a good Sean Connery impersonation.


(Photo by H Giles)


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